Welcome to St Aloysius Infant School

St. Aloysius Infant School is a Catholic School situated in the heart of Somers Town and serves a vibrant and diverse community in between Euston and Kings Cross stations in Central London.

Our school is a place where each child is valued and is given the opportunity to develop to his/her fullest potential in a supportive and caring environment. We have strong links with St. Aloysius Parish and endeavour to live out our mission statement ‘In Jesus we learn, love and grow together’ in everything we do.

St. Aloysius Infant School is a happy place where children are encouraged to aim for the highest standards in all that they do. Above all we value every single child as an individual and seek to work in close partnership with parents/carers to provide the best all-round education that we can. 

Ms C McFlynn
Executive Headteacher

Aloysius Gonzaga was born in Italy on 9th March, 1568. He was the eldest of 7 children. His father was the Marquis of Castiglione and his mother was lady in waiting to the wife of king Phillip II of Spain.

As he was growing up he witnessed a lot of violence and even saw 2 of his brothers murdered. He was sent to Florence when he was 8 to be educated and unfortunately became ill with a disease of the kidneys. This disease affected him his whole life.  While he was ill he spent his time reading about the saints and in prayer. Against his family's wishes he gave up his inheritance and nobility and decided to become a priest.

Aloysius was made a saint on December 31st, 1726.

Saint Aloysius' feast day is celebrated on the 21st June which was the date of his death. He is the patron saint of young students which is why he is the perfect saint to name our school after. He is remembered for being pure, innocent and his devotion to the Virgin Mary.

Proposals to create St Aloysius primary school

We are consulting on proposals for St Aloysius Junior and Infant schools to become a primary school.

Please visit the consultation web page and leave any comments by the 2nd of October 2016.

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"This is an inclusive school community, pupils who come from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds share in the range of events that take place across the school" - Ofsted June 2013

"Pupil’s behaviour around the school is exemplary. Older pupils are happy to take on responsibilities, for example as play buddies, whilst others take part in decision making within the governors" - Ofsted June 2013

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